Friday, October 5, 2012

Things I Used To Not Like But Now I Think Are Okay

There's this awesome line in a new song from Ben Folds Five. "Read me off a list of things I used to not like, but now I think are okay." Everyone has a few of those things in their life. Mine are below--what are yours?
The rest of the song is pretty great, too, and the music video has The Fraggles in it. The Fraggles, you guys! It doesn't get any better than this.

Leaving voicemails--I'm still terrible at it, but I don't actively hate it like I did once upon a time.
Driving on the freeway--This used to terrify me. Now I enjoy driving on the freeway, especially at night.
Sushi--What was I thinking?
Wearing pink--I still don't own a lot of pink clothing, but I don't think twice about wearing it.
Asking people for help--Ughhhh. The worst, right? Yet it's kind of okay.
Avocados--This isn't so much that I didn't use to like them, but that I was too afraid to try them until I was a teenager. Ridiculous! Now they're one of my favorite foods.
Planning events--Turns out that I'm actually good at this.

I'm sure I'll think of more once I hit publish on this sucker. What about you? And how was your summer?


carla thorup said...

listen, you need to get on here more.

sometimes i come up with post ideas and i think, "gretchen would do this better."

example: how parks & recs strengthened my testimony of the atonement. (and then you'd hilariously & spiritually write about andy's "we all fell into the pit.." and how it totes related to the RS message of how we are all in a pit. and it would be awesome.)

i'll send more when i have them, just hit me back when you get rich off your essays.

Q said...

Me too on avocados.

Holly said...

*the taste of alcohol (still don't dig beer, though)
*wearing a bra (do you remember how awful training bras felt? surely that was not just me)
*soy milk

Sara said...

Carla was right; you need to get on here more!

This post was SO good that I'm stealing the idea for my own blog. Don't worry; I'll give you credit and link to your blog and all that jazz.

phampants said...

Avocados, AMAZING! Sushi, AMAZING! Leaving a voice mail, always hliarious.

Steven Strauss said...

About sushi, you were probably thinking "raw fish."