Monday, November 28, 2011

Taking A Bite Out Of The Big Apple

Oh my goodness, I am so sorry for that post title. As you might expect from me, I made a point to eat some pretty incredible things during my trip.

One night we ate dinner at this teensy Italian place in Hell's Kitchen (Cara  Mia, I think?) and these little tomato caper crostini bits were hands down the best part of the meal. And they were FREE.

Brunch at Sylvia's in Harlem. Crazy wait, but the soul food was worth it. I was so hungry that I started to eat before taking pictures, which I try to avoid. (There, that's me at my most insufferably blog-esque.) Hash browns, eggs over easy, fried chicken--all drenched in Sylvia's special hot sauce.

The last night of the trip, I was still full from Magnolia's. But as I was standing right next to Village Pizza while I waited for my mom to get a New York Times from the bodega next door, I realized that this was my one shot to get a New York slice. As you can see, the crust was crisp and thin and the ratio of cheese to sauce was perfect.

There's a little bakery/deli next to the Manhattan Temple called the EuroPan Cafe, although it's jokingly referred to as the temple cafeteria. My Italian panini boasted fresh mozzarella, artichoke heats, and three kinds of cured meat. When my dad asked for a bite, I'm pretty sure I just glared him down. No way was I going to share this little beauty.

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Rob and Vienna said...

Oh my gosh, Sylvia's is to die for, right?

P.S. I've really loved all of your posts about the Met. It may be one of my favorite places in the world.