Thursday, April 7, 2011

Make Some Noise

Allow me to be at my most insufferably hipster right now. "Fictionist? Yeah, I liked them before they were cool." But I really did. Really. I saw them at a tiny little venue in Rexburg, ID waaaaaay back when they were still called Good Morning Maxfield. (Knowing a band before they change their name? That's the stuff hardcore hipsters are made of.) It was love at first listen...I nearly wore the cd out that semester. I followed them through the change to Fictionist and even had a chance to attend a release party for Invisible Hand. When I got back from my mission, one of the first things I did was to check out their latest album, Lasting Echo.

I hear their stuff and I think to myself, "That's some epic music there." I don't mean epic in the overused win/fail sense of the internet, I mean epic in the battles won, oceans crossed, legends told for eons kind of epic. The band members have a great sense of what it takes to with their fans and make good use of their social media powers. Like, they give out a new free song every month. How legit is that? (Find them on twitter and facebook.)

Long story short, these guys are in the running to be on the cover of Rolling Stone, just like the Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show song. They're up against seven other bands, but I can personally vouch that Fictionist is not only ridiculously talented, that they are also some of the hardest-working guys in the music business.

If you like, you can vote for them here. (Five stars por favor.)

Still not convinced? Listen to "Blue-eyed Universe," one of my favorites from Lasting Echo.

Keep calm and hipster on, or whatever the cool kids are saying these days.


Sara said...

You're right; that IS a good song! Within the first 5 seconds, actually, I knew it would be a good song. :)

Thanks for introducing me! :)

carla thorup said...

i love your hipster-ness. and the last sentence made me lol for realz.