Monday, March 28, 2011


A couple weeks ago some friends and I went to go see a locally-produced steampunk play here in Austin. (The play itself was...not that great...but the experience was lots of fun.) For those of you not in the know, I'll let Luann explain exactly what steampunk entails.

I just love Luann. Who'll support me in making a live-action Luann movie?

Lovelace and Fairweather in action

So my friend and I both dressed up because a) you got $7 off your ticket and b) it was an excuse to dress up! (Let's be honest, it was really all about B.) We were talking in the car on the way down and this is what happened...

Her: "Our characters need names."
Me: "Mine's Gemma. I don't have a last name yet, but I've been working on a backstory."
"Oh yeah? Also, I think...Fairweather."
"Gemma Fairweather. Yes. So I left my family when I was 14--too many mouths to feed. I joined a rogue navy airship by pretending to be a boy and apprenticed as the ship's mechanic. By the time I turned 18, I took over as lead mechanic and everyone knew I was a girl at that point. It's a few years after that, but I'm still 100% rough and tumble."
"Niiiice. I want my last name to be Lovelace. Any ideas for a first name?"
"Hmm. Maybe. What about Lucy?"
 "Lucy Lovelace. I like it."
"I'm a lady of the night who has a heart of gold--"
 "Why does having a heart of gold always seem to make that acceptable?"
"Good question. I'm also a can-can dancer. What people don't realize is that I was raised in the country, so I can do all kinds of tough stuff like skin a deer."
"So then the two of us are randomly thrown together and we're forced to overcome our differences."
"Because we totally hate each other at first."
"Then we slowly become friends and realize how much we have in common."
"And we end up becoming this super awesome team and go around kicking butt."
"Yeah! We'll be like the Starsky and Hutch of steampunk!"
End scene

My costume consisted of brown boots, gray skinny trousers, belt with a large brass buckle, light blue ruffle button-up, brown scarf draped Chewbacca-style, brown gloves, vintage bag, old-fashioned clock stickers, and a water gun and goggles both spray-painted bronze. The only things that I actually needed to get were the water gun and goggles. Easy peasy! (Also possibly one of the nerdier things I've done in a while. And I loved every moment of it.)


Cassandra said...

Love it.

Adam Viklund said...

Too cool! I think that scene should be filmed. Hey, I'll be there soon...hmmm.

Elisabeth said...

I would so watch Luann: the Movie. Starring future Oscar winner Mr. Potato Head as Brad.

Dan said...

That. Is. Awesome.

Will we get the further adventures of Lovelace and Fairweather? Like, you guys should just go to the supermarket or the library in character. Fun times!

Ashley said...

Admit it, you just want to be the steampunk version of Kaylee, from Firefly.

P.S. I know you guys were joking, but I think you should write it. I would totally read about Fairweather and Lovelace.

carla thorup said...

i first heard the word "steampunk" the weekend i dropped matt off in seattle way back in october, and i thought - what a nerdy thing to say or know about.

and it still is, but it's also a bit more awesome because you spray painted your gun/goggles bronze. well played fairweather.

Kristen said...

LOVE! Steampunk is my favorite nerdy.

Sara said...

"The Starsky and Hutch of steampunk?" Wow. :)

Erin said...

You're so cool.