Thursday, October 23, 2008

Office Recap, "Crime Aid"

What is Crime Aid, exactly? Crime Reduces Innocence. Makes Everyone Angry, I Declare.

This episode did wonders in keeping the story line moving along, but also offered plenty of laughs. My notes are chockful of awesome moments and lines and I just hope I can get to it all. Yeah, I take notes. So what?

It only makes sense to start with the most important part. Was that not the greatest "That's What She Said!" line during the auction? Everything else is secondary.

The cold open shows Pam at corporate, though it's unclear what she actually does. She's already getting room and board comped because of her RA status, but New York is expensive, y'all! Go figure. Oh yeah, and maybe because her new friends are staying out until eight in the morning. I like the fact that Pam is making new friends and getting a wild college life. She's never really been out of her Philly Scranton comfort zone and I think it's good for her. I have so missed the Michael and Pam interaction. My dad would sing the Ricola jingle ALL THE TIME when I was younger, so I get that it's annoying. Really, really, really annoying.

Andy and Ang have set the date for Thanksgiving Day (!) 2009. They're going to live in Disney Celebration Village and breed half-stern/half-a capella babies together. Okay, raise your hand if you considered just how much fun it would be to live right by Disney World? Me too. Even though they're completely wrong for each other, Phyllis makes a good point. Andy's safe. I still think Dwight has the edge, though. He's a hunter and those instincts are going to serve him well. There's a difference between a man who can scream well and a man who can whittle a knife with a knife.

(How amazingly pretentious is Andy's middle name?)

Phyllis, who stumbled upon the Dwangela love nest last season, proves to be a good source of comfort to D-Money. "We deserve to be with someone who wants to be with us." Oh, Phyllis, I can't even begin to say how true this is. Even though Dwight slashed her tire, he realizes that Phyllis wasn't using her knowledge for evil, but for good. The great part about the documentary format is the use of unseen comedy. How I Met Your Mother excels at flashbacks, but I had an even better time imagining the conversations when Angela taught Dwight about sheets, monotheism, and preventive medicine.

Michael and Holly continue to own my heart. The tally is at two dates and once they make plans for that evening, they play the "Tonight's no good, because I am busy taking you out" game. Michael awkwardly interjects a question if they'll be doing grown-up stuff (hey, this is a family blog, remember?) that night and Holly thinks they will. Ooh-la-la! I loved Holly's initiative in getting Michael back into the building for a little makey-outy time. These are my notes for that scene: Cute voices! Hand holding! After vous! Squee! Yes, folks, this is the stuff my recaps are made of. I sincerely hope they went elsewhere for the rest of the night.

In their excitement, neither of them remembered to lock the door. Ohhhh snap, because now Oscar is missing a laptop and Kevin is missing his surge protector. I hate it when I'm prone to surges too, Kevin. Holly and Michael (those two really need a good portmanteau) feel genuinely bad about their mistake, but are also genuinely in like with each other. (Twice.) Michael concocts a brilliant plan to auction off employee services and Bruce Springsteen tickets. The boss scored The Boss!

The auction takes up the second half of the episode, but it never draws the focus away from the character relationships. Michael has obviously never been to an auction and the gavel squeaks when you bang it. I love how the crowd is 90% Dunder Mifflin. No one wants $300 yoga lessons or Hank the Security Guard's bad cd or an all-inclusive Creed or Kevin's tax services. I can't really blame them on the latter, because numbers aren't Kevin's strength. David Wallace, the intrepid C.F.O., shows up with a weekend at Martha's Vineyard, which is very decent of him. Michael's Springsteen tickets got "stolen" by the thief, so that's a no-go. Wait, but what about Phyllis' hug? An all-out bidding war starts--it accelerates to one thousand dollars from her husband. (Bob Vance, Vance Refrigeration.) To Phyllis: That better be some hug, if you know what I'm sayin'.

Real quick about Jim: Drinks with the guys leads to a visit from Roy leads to a conversation about Pam leads to a jealous Jim driving to New York to check up on Pam. He has reason to be slightly insecure, even though that isn't enough of an excuse to be over-protective/untrusting. The glory of Jim and Pam is that he is not that guy and they are not that couple, so he turns around right before the exit.

As much as I loved seeing Michael and Holly kiss in front of the auction board, I did not like David Wallace's Talking Head about how he wasn't aware they were dating. This is bad news bears, guys! I guess some things in life really are too good to be true.

Bonus Darryl moment: "Michael gave me a list of his top ten Bruce Springsteen songs. Three were Huey Lewis and the News, one was Tracy Chapman's 'Fast Car,' and there was my personal favorite, 'Short People.'"


j*amy said...

heheh. awesome recap. the "that's what she said" line was amazing. i was dying.

i have a feeling that holly is going to get in trouble. like, "hey you can't do your job when it comes to you then how can you do it at all" kind of thing. i'm afraid she's going to be on the outs [or relocated] and Toby's going to come back. i miss that interaction w/ him and michael.

oh and i hope the point of all the jim & pam stuff is to prove they aren't "that" couple, etc. etc., cause my heart can't take them being apart!

Ashley said...

I thought this episode was way better than last week's!

I was totally, TOTALLY surprised the Jim didn't go see Pam. I thought he'd go there and find her with a guy. Didn't see that coming.

JB said...

I was surprised Michael wasn't a little more discreet with Ms. Flax when head corporate is just around the corner. Does he not remember the tangled mess he was in for sleeping with Jan? They can't make Holly quit her job! They are quickly overtaking Pam and Jim's office romance status, and we'd all be heartbroken if they were driven apart.

Lacey Bean said...

Hahahah Dwangela.

This was a good one, I kinda wanted more Ryan in it though.

Stephanie said...

I love when different characters interact with each other, so it was really nice to see all of the Dwight and Phyllis stuff. Oh, and Dwight's bidding! $100 and 1 penny!

I'm a JAM fan, but some of this stuff is getting a little old. I know Pam is following her dream by going to art school, and she can have both a relationship and education. But, I'm starting to be over it.

Bayjb said...

I do really love Andy's middle name. It's perfect for him. Michael and Holly are wonderful together. I love them. The JAM stuff was okay, but I was hoping the Roy interaction would have lasted a little longer. There is a good JAM deleted scene on OfficeTally.

EP said...

I really loved the Phyllis/Dwight interactions this episode. And the bidding on the hug? Love it.

I was really pleased with this episode, overall. I wish there was more JAM interaction, though.

brandy said...

Disney Celebration Village... that line made me laugh out loud. I definitely am with the others in thinking that this episode was better than a few previous ones. Dwight just makes me laugh all the time. I need a tall male friend to be him for HAlloween- wouldn't that be fantastic costume?